Tuesday, December 8, 2009

more weekend

saturday, peanut and i went with gammy and peepaw to the basketball game...
we had a great time, and msu won big time.

when julianna and i got back from taking bailey's photos sunday afternoon, this is what we found...
(isn't that just the cutest christmas outfit?!)  her parents kept peanut while we were gone, and she was having some q.t. with mr. bobby!  =)  later that afternoon, i took photos for some friends of ours, jason, meg, and their dog pete.
as soon as i got home from that, peanut and i headed out for the community choir's christmas performance.  our town is unique in that since it's small, most of the churches work and do things together.  here we are before we left...
ben was gone all weekend to a farm bureau convention, so us girls flew solo. =) we sure were glad to see him monday morning when he got home!

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