Sunday, December 20, 2009

a clearer picture?

the movie "the nativity" came on t.v. the other night.  i've seen it a few times, but this time was different.  this time i knew what it was like to be pregnant, and to deliver a baby.  i've always known that it was weird for jesus to come to us the way that he did.  but this year, i just can't wrap my mind around it.

there are several things that happened that i just can't imagine...
1. traveling a long distance on the back of a donkey being 9 months pregnant.
2. having no where to deliver my baby.
3. having no doctor there to make sure everything went right.
4. having no sanitized and sterilized equipment for the baby.
5. having no clean clothes and blankets for her to wear and be wrapped in.
6. having no soft clean bed for her to sleep in.
7. having my baby knowing that one day she would be the ultimate sacrifice for me!

i mean, seriously.  can you imagine that!?!?!?

then, this morning in church, the special song was "mary did you know."  and i've heard this time so many times i could probably sing it backwards (not really.), but the words sank in much deeper than they ever have with me now having a child of my own.

christmas has a whole new meaning for me.  i think i see it all a little more clearly now.

enjoy this song and video, and if you haven't seen the movie "the nativity," i really recommend it!

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Lyla Garner said...

Ashia---thanks for posting something that most mother's have thought at some point, but just couldn't put into words. The most amazing thing to me about Mary was that she was such a strong young woman of faith...remember she was only about 13 when this miracle happened. To look at my 13 year-old daughter and think that Mary was her age when this happened and took the angel's words to heart and believed and followed God's plan. To wonder if we, as women of God, would be willing to do the same.