Sunday, December 20, 2009



i am a shopper.  i love to shop, and large crowds don't bother me...  until you have a baby!  last saturday we drove around an hour and a half to tupelo for austin to see santa clause.  i guess it was really for us to see santa hold austin, since she couldn't have cared less.   traffic was horrible.  it was pouring rain.  it was really cold.  it was sooooo crowded.  we stood in line over an hour.  like this...
but we still had a great time together.  i didn't get any shopping done.  i just wanted my baby's photo taken, and then i was ready to get her home.  =)  we had been out every night that week, but we hung around and visited with friends, walked the mall, etc.  and then austin cried the whole. entire. way. back. home.  she was ridiculously tired.  bless her little heart.  she had finally had enough!

she used to be so good while riding, but now she either fusses or cries big crocodile tears.  it's pretty pitiful.  glad we don't have anywhere far to travel to for a while!

so this week and weekend we haven't been out much.  we went to the basketball game wednesday night, and that has been it!

i still have to get out this week and pick up a few gifts.  i'm starting to plan our food out for the week, and i'll be doing grocery shopping, too.

it's almost here!  =)

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