Thursday, December 10, 2009

christmastime is here

i found out yesterday that you can click here, and everyday amazon is giving away a christmas song!  enjoy!  i'm all about a giveaway!  see my previous posts about the hp computer giveaways!

speaking of amazon... if you are doing any shopping on amazon, please go through and enter in your favorite charity.  amazon will donate a portion to the charity of your choice!  (not just amazon!  there's a ton of stores on the list!!)  and if you don't have a favorite charity, you can always enter one of my favorites, which are, "love without boundaries," "america world adoption," or "compassion international" (the one in colorado springs, co!).  those are just some that came to my mind right away!

we ordered peanut's big christmas present from amazon last night.  i also got her a praise baby dvd.  i hope she likes it!  or at least grows to like it!  her big gift is the evenflo smartsteps abc exersaucer.  i'm sooooo excited about it!  i know she's too little for it now, but we figured we should go ahead and get something that she will use in the near future (it says 4 mo+), than get her a bunch of junk and then later have to fork out $100 for no special occasion.  is that horrible?  i think not!  =)
she's also getting several little toys, some ornaments, etc.  she won't be lacking, i can assure you.

it's really feeling like christmas for me now, and i just love it.  every night i have either been to a christmas party, to a performance/concert, to someone's house to visit, etc.  i hope i can keep this up in years to come for austin to have fun christmases.  tonight we are going to see the kids play basketball, and we're planning on taking her saturday to have her picture made with santa!  i hope we can get a big ole smile out of her!  like this one...

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Or you can select "The Celiac Foundation" through GoodShop!!!