Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas day!

i don't think that words are really necessary.  the pictures pretty much tell it all, but i will blab a little bit anyway.  =)  of course.

sydney got to lick the cheese bag, and she was in doggie heaven.  cheese, dryer sheets, and baby socks are her drugs of choice.  =)
gammy and her girls

austin was in a pretty good mood for most of the day.

she sat in gammy's lap to see most of her gifts.

syd got a new rope toy, and hasn't played with it yet.  hmmmm... what's up with that?!

papaw got a family picture of us from when austin was born.

syd got some pup-corn.  cheesy treats.

me and my girl

the "hit" christmas present was a praise baby dvd from mommy & daddy.  i see more purchases of those in our near future!  maybe for valentine's day.

i loooooove eating on china.  it makes the day extra special.

papaw and his girl.

we had a great day.  i'm a little sad to see austin's first christmas already over.  i guess i should look forward to the many "firsts" that are yet to come.  everything with her is so special!

a little recap on austin's gifts...
  • piggy bank (with money inside!)
  • bracelet
  • lots of clothes
  • pacifiers
  • ballet slippers
  • several teething toys
  • praise baby dvd
  • exersaucer
  • several books
  • glow worm
  • build-a-bear (mr. teddy) - probably my personal favorite!
  • several abc/123 interactive toys
  • lady bug spinning toy
  • night light
  • ornaments
  • money

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