Tuesday, December 29, 2009

catching up?

i don't think so.  it seems like i haven't done much since christmas, but i just can't find the time to blog!  maybe it's because austin isn't a very good nap-taker anymore.  =(  so instead of my afternoon computer time, it's baby entertaining time.

someone is teething...
we haven't had fever or anything, just a lot of drooling, and watching to bite on things.  i can see a little white speck on her lower gum, but still can't feel anything.

we visited baby luke the other day.  austin is 2 months older, but i think he's catching up to her pretty fast!  =)
we've been enjoying relaxing days at home with not much to do.  just catching up on laundry, and snacking on all of my christmas goodies while i still have a few days left.  friday is coming too fast!  agh!  i don't know if i'm ready for this exercise thing. 

i was trying to upload a little video so you could hear peanut talk, but i can't figure it out except to go through youtube.  if anyone knows, please leave me a comment.  i don't really want to put her videos on youtube, unless there's a way that no one can see them but me.  anyway, i guess i will just have to leave you with this pretty little face until i can find some time to blog more.  (i really miss my blog time!  it's my therapy!  =))

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