Thursday, December 10, 2009

bad dreams!

i had a horrible nightmare tuesday night.  i mean horrible.  the kind where you wake up and sit up in bed, while sweat drips down your neck.  eeeeeek!  i won't get into it, but it was very disturbing, and made me start praying that those thoughts would leave my mind and never return!

i have a problem with nightmares.  i have since before i can remember.  when i was really young, i remember that my mom asked the doctor about it, and they thought maybe it was caffeine.  i was taken off of all caffeine (even chocolate!) for a year, and it got better.  my mom also had our preacher come and pray over our house, in case there was some kind of demonic spirit*.  i can remember being a teenager and praying every single night before i fell asleep to not have bad dreams.

*woa, that's another day, and another post!  i recently met someone that didn't believe in demonic spirits!  i don't like debating on issues much, it gives me have high blood pressure =), so i chose not to argue about spiritual warfare with this particular person.  but i was blown away.  maybe i will get back to that topic later.

to this day, if i see or read anything scary, i will have bad dreams.  my definition of scary is probably a lot different than most.  i get freaked easily.  yes, i'm a huge scardy cat.  anything on t.v. with shooting, fighting, dead people, murder, war, blood, etc. gets to me.  also, if i watch (or read online) news about murders, rapes, and such, it turns into a bad dream.

as it did the other night.

i have been watching the news in the evenings lately, and getting news tweets.  well, i had gotten several tweets that day about murders.  i should have known better.

not only do i not want to have bad dreams because of these things flowing through my mind, i just plain and simple don't want them flowing through my mind.  at all.

so i avoid it.  i like being innocent of watching horror movies, news about the person that was murdered, or the criminal minds shows.  i know it's out there, but i don't want my mind wandering around in it.  why would i want to open my mind up to be influenced by the mind of a criminal or murderer?

now i know some of you are like, "what the heck?  she's rediculous."  and maybe so.  =)  i know many people that love horror movies, criminal minds shows, news and info about murders, war movies, etc.  my own husband could lay in bed and fall asleep to saving private ryan.  i mean, hello!?  (he doesn't, btw, because i would have bad dreams and be afraid of my own shadow for who knows how long!)  it doesn't bother some.  but i just. can't. take. it.

i said all of that to say this...

be careful what you watch, listen to, and read.  i firmly believe that satan puts all of these little things out there to make us desensitized to evil.  why will we run from it, if we're used to it?  i mean, just like we want to protect our souls, hearts, and lives from living for satan, so should we protect our minds!  what is seen or done on the outside is a reflection of the inside!

"for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." -ephesians 6:12


Grace said...

Good post!

Anonymous said...

i am exactly the very same way!!!