Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 recap

2009 has been quite a year for us.  we have been so blessed!

in january...
we kept rivers and gage for a week while michelle was in the hospital.
i went with mom and my sister-in-law to see celine dion... was amazing.

in february...
we went with farm bureau to sacramento, california.
on the way home, discovered that we were, in fact, pregnant!
we heard our baby's heartbeat... priceless.

in march...
God blessed us by saving our shop from burning down.
it scared us to death!

in april...
i started growing a "baby belly!"
we spent easter in jackson with the kiddos.
sydney got more attention than ever.
i became obsessed with photography...
sydney and i spent many afternoons relaxing in the sun.

in may...
we decided to sell ben's old truck.  we had our first kiss in there almost 7 years ago.
we got to see our little peanut grow and discover that she would be a girl!

in june...
my cousin, sam, was born!
we went with the youth to student life.
we celebrated ben's first birthday as a daddy.
rivers spent a week with us.  we had a blast!

in july...
we spent the 4th with family.  (spent a lot of time this summer swimming.)
austin grew!  a lot!
visited jackson to register for baby gifts!
spent 4 days relaxing in memphis.

in august...
i thought heartburn would be the death of me, and sydney discovered a new place to sleep.
we got to see a glimpse of what austin would look like!
i had my first baby shower.

in september...
we had another baby shower, and tried to get everything ready for austin asap, since it was obvious that she would not be waiting until october.
austin was born... the love of our lives.
we stayed in the hospital with her for 6 days.
naps, diapers, and bottles... oh my!
ben cut his hand and finger really bad, and had to go to e.r. for stitches.

in october...
 everything turned special... experiencing all of austin's "firsts."

we cheered on our bulldogs every saturday... even if they lost.
sydney had her 2nd birthday.
ben's sisters came into town to meet the princess.
austin had her first msu game.

in november...
we got a visit from papa fred & moma marion.
austin had her first trip to jackson, and met chelle in the mall parking lot.  =)
we were blessed with a 3rd baby shower!
basketball games became routine.  =)
we celebrated thanksgiving as a family of 3! (4 including syd.)

in december...
someone started getting a little personality.
austin was introduced to bully for the first of many times.
austin turned 3 months old... time has flown by.
our nephew, josh, was born!
we spent our first christmas together!

we look forward to a wonderful and exciting 2010!  blessings to you and yours!  happy new year!

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