Tuesday, December 1, 2009


stacey told me that 10 was the magic number (meaning 10 weeks), and she was RIGHT!!  (thanks, girl!  i have been telling everyone that 10 is the magic number, now!)

austin has really started to liven up, smiling, cooing, kicking, and moving around.  she has started going to bed earlier.  she is usually asleep now by 10pm, which means that she gets her bath by at least 9pm.  hey, we're making progress.

and it gets better.

she only gets up once during the night!!  (around midnight.)

she will wake up between 5 and 6am, eats, and wants to stay awake and talk.  =)  but i just keep her in bed with me from then on (partly because ben has been working his butt off, and has been gone by 6am here lately, and partly because i'm. just. plain. lazy.).  she will eventually go back to sleep until 9, 10, or sometimes 11am!  and while she takes her morning nap, i may just nap with her.  =)

sleep...  it's a beautiful thing!

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