Monday, November 16, 2009

youth baby shower

for the last several years, ben and i have helped with the youth in our town.  they gave us a little baby shower last night for peanut.  it was soooo sweet of them to do that.  we thank you guys SO much, and we love you!
you can't tell by the picture, but the cake had her name on it in little blocks

her first piece of jewelry, a little pink pearl bracelet!

cutest little sweater outfit!

for my little ballerina!

her first bulldog!

everyone had their turn holding her.  here she is with miss leigh kathryn.

and uncle steve (the youth minister).

and miss hollie, our baby sitter in training.  =)

thank y'all for everything!!

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Anonymous said...

Love love love the pictures! We love ya'll, and sure hope baby Austin likes to be apart of the group because I don;t know what we will do without Ben and Ashia!

Love ya'll,