Tuesday, November 17, 2009

two months


  • you weigh 10 lbs and 4 oz!
  • you're 22" long!
  • you are in a size 1 diaper.
  • you wear a size 0-3 months in clothes, and a few pajamas and outfits say 3 month.
  • you are starting to really like your pacifier!
  • you have enough strength in your head and neck that we are starting to let you sleep on your tummy some.  you sleep SO much better that way!

  • you scoot in the cradle and pack-n-play.  all the way to where your head touches the top.
  • you nurse every 3 hours, day and night.

  • we are starting to supplement a little with formula.  it's usually when you're fussy and won't nurse good.  you make a "this is nasty" face sometimes, but will take it.
  • you're new "bedtime" is 11:00pm.  at least that's what we aim for!
  • you will sometimes skip a feeding during the night.  or either i'm so tired that i don't remember getting up and feeding you.  =)

  • your daddy gives you your bath every night while i straighten up things and get ready for bed.  i don't know what y'all talk about, but he sure does enjoy that time with you.
  • you've been to 2 msu basketball games.  not sure what you think about them yet.
  • you have your daddy wrapped around your finger.  everyday he tells me about 10x (literally) how much he loves you!

  • you must think that sydney looks strange.  if she's close to you, you look at her with a funny look on your face.  =)
  • your baby acne is pretty much gone, finally.  there may be just a couple of bumps left.  it was pretty bad for several days.  you were still beautiful.

  • you're starting to take a small interest in toys.  you have a toy bar that goes on your carseat, and i don't know what we would do without it.  it keeps you from crying MANY times.
  • you will reach out and grab things, or swat at them.

    you are VERY loved, and we are VERY blessed to call you ours!

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