Monday, November 30, 2009


we had a great thanksgiving this year. we stayed at home (we usually go out of town), and had a relaxing and enjoyable time.  it's funny now that i have a baby, all i want to do is stay at home!  =)  we made a ton of food, and enjoyed it for several days!  =)  my mom did most of the cooking, and i did sweet potatoes, and loaded mashed potatoes.  i will have to share the recipe sometime soon.  they are always a hit at potlucks.
sydney got to join in on all of the festivities.  i have to mention how ridiculously smart sydney is.  when you say, "sydney, let me take your picture," she looks at you like this...  crazy.
austin has really started to smile and coo this past week, which has made her momma's WEEK!
this wasn't a social smile, though.  =)
sydney loves cheese.  when we pull out a bag of shredded cheese, she goes crazy wanting some.  when we're done with the bag, this keeps her occupied.
papaw got in a little austin time.
peanut's first thanksgiving!  our little happy family, minus sydney.
i'm off to find something else that i've lost. let me name a few things that i've misplaced lately... adapter for baby monitor, apple slicer, my left (or is it my right?  well, it's one of the two!) clark wallabee shoe, a macbook (yes, a macbook), a black sheet that i use for taking pictures... that's all i can think of for the moment. thankfully, some things have been found, and unfortunately, some have not.  UGH!!

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