Thursday, November 12, 2009

thankful thursday

i have been so confused this week on my days.  all day yesterday i thought we were on thursday.  ben probably had to tell me 5 times that it was wednesday, and that the office would not be coming on tv.  i haven't been posting much this week.  not a whole lot has been going on that i've felt like blogging about.  but i am making myself do these thankful thursdays.

today, i'm thankful for the ♡ for adoption.

a looooong time ago, i started wanting to adopt.  i didn't know when, where, or how, but i knew.

i think when God calls us for something like that, he just keeps calling until it's done.

i'm thankful and honored that He has called me to give a child a home, love, a family, and hope.

i'm thankful for the many other families out there that have also answered that call.  my sister-in-law and her husband are waiting for a referral from ethiopia.  i've also had 2 friends of mine tell me recently that they were planning to adopt in the next few years.  there are countless stories out there, and i just love every one of them.

i'm thankful for foster parents and families.  they are appreciated by the adoptive families more than they will ever know.  what a way to serve.

i still don't know when or where (even though right now, ben and i feel led to china), but it will get done.

we will answer the call.

november is national adoption month.  if you know or hear of anyone interested or wanting to adopt, please encourage them!  spread the word!  every child deserves a family!

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