Sunday, November 8, 2009

first night away from home

friday night we had a farm bureau meeting to go to in jackson, so we decided to make it a weekend to visit family.  saturday, austin met her great grandmother, granny giner.  i can't believe i didn't think to get a generation picture.  next time we will have to do that.

she also met our cousin, and one of my best friends, michelle

fun at the japanese restaurant after shopping

we ended up only staying friday night, because the other part of the family that we were going to visit ended up sick.  =(
we spent a little time at babies r us, and got austin's high chair.  it was on sale, and a lady in the parking lot gave me some coupons before we went inside, so we got an additional 10% off.  i was excited!  =)

it matches her stroller, car seat, and pack-n-play.

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