Monday, November 2, 2009

first halloween & first MSU basketball game

we aren't really halloween celebrators at our house.  in fact, ben and i both hate halloween.  BUT, it was a good opportunity to dress peanut for some pictures.  =)  she got this onesie at one of our showers, and wore it friday night to a farm bureau dinner that we had to go to.  i looked for black tights until i was blue in the face last week.  we went in a different walmart thursday night for white tights, and what do you know, there was a box with red, white, and black!  the stressful search was finally over.

saturday, we had a MSU basketball game at 2pm.  this was a practice game, and tickets weren't required, so we all went.  we are getting season tickets this year, but only 2, and austin has to have a ticket too.  =(  so, i suppose every game we will have to go early to try to get a 3rd ticket.
on our way to the game!

she almost slept through the whole thing.

our coach, rick stansbury.  before the game, we rode through some nice neighborhoods, and we scoped out the stansbury's house.  i've always wanted to see it, so ben finally took me!  it was beautiful, of course.

go dawgs!

we hope she loves basketball as much as we do!  we have such good memories of basketball at the hump while we were dating and in college.

the cutest cheerleader ever!  (but i had secretly rather her be on the dance team than be a cheerleader!)

we bulldogs had a great day saturday!  we won our basketball game AND our football game against kentucky!  the football game was a great game... kept us on the edge of our seat until the very end!  woot woot!  GO DAWGS!!

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Allison Guerra said...

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! What a cute little chearleader in her tiny little outfit! Looks like you guys had a good time! :) xo