Saturday, November 14, 2009

bad dawgs!

we had been excited all week about going to the basketball game friday night.

on the way, we listened to christmas music, which that in itself makes me happy.  =)

anyway, for some reason, this year they decided that the sound wasn't loud enough in the humphrey coliseum (the hump), so they added a bunch of speakers.  it was soooooo loud!  i had austin's little ears covered up, and most of the adults around us had their covered, too!  we have great seats this season, but it was pretty roasty toasty with me wearing a 3/4 length sweater (dumb idea), and holding a baby.  also, the game didn't start until 8pm, so we decided to leave early to try to keep austin on her "bedtime schedule," which ended up going down the drain.  PLUS, we didn't even get a WIN out of the deal!

needless to say, it wasn't a very great experience, but i'm thankful that we are able to go to these games as a little family of 3!  (we are technically a family of 4, but sydney isn't allowed.  =( )

we missed all of football with my miserable pregnant self, and then having peanut, so we are extra excited about basketball season.  we've been off of campus for too long!

i'm still learning and adjusting to going and doing with a baby.  i'm telling you... what a change a baby makes!!!!  honestly, i didn't even watch much of the game for making sure she was ok, covering her ears, getting her adjusted and situated in my arms, etc.

so yea, no win.  hopefully it was a good learning experience for the boys... first game and a big fat "L!"  they need to tighten up for us!

at least we still have the cutest little bulldog... all preppy in her little maroon dress...

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