Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1st shots =(

peanut had her 2 month check up and her first round of shots today.  i've had such mixed emotions about giving her the recommended schedule of shots.  at first, i didn't want her getting any at all, but ben talked me into it, and then the sweet nurse practitioner at the office today talked me right into the recommended schedule.  in a way, i'm sorta disappointed in myself that i gave in so easily.  i hate going with the flow.  but, i decided very quickly sitting there in the exam room that that lady knew way more than i did, so if she said it was best, then it probably was.  as bad as i hate to admit it.  =)

she did ok.  she cried.  a lot.  it was horrible.  but she got over it pretty quickly and took a little nap.  it's been obvious that she doesn't feel good.  bless her heart.  and thank you Jesus for tylenol!

so we're sitting here rocking and cuddling in the recliner.  in the cutest ralph lauren jammers*, by the way.  =)  i love my baby in some ralph lauren!

oh, and she weighed 10 lbs 4 oz, and was 22"!

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Connie said...

it is so hard knowing the right thing to do about shots...there are so many arguments from both sides. I was like a year late on Lainey's last set just because I was scared, and the only reason I got them then was because the nurse already had them ready and I was paying for them whether she got them or not! ain't easy!