Thursday, October 15, 2009

due date & visitors

just had to document that austin is 4 weeks old today, and today is also her due date! i can't imagine her just now getting here! she has grown so much in the last 4 weeks... it's amazing! i will do a post about that this weekend, because saturday she'll be 1 month.

we haven't really had a whole lot of visitors because of the flu going around.  so many people are sick, and everyone has been so sweet to be cautious about coming around us.  tuesday night we had a living room full of visitors and we had so much fun.  here is a picture of peanut and doug.  doug used to work for steve years ago, and ben grew up with him around, so they are really close.  i hear stories all of the time about something doug and ben did together when ben was little.  ben will remember those times forever, i'm sure!  he's part of the family!

tonight we are headed to the airport to pick up ben's sister, sarah!  we're also stopping by babies-r-us and getting peanut a swing!  yay!  if only in jackson for a few hours, i will be happy to be there!  =)  can't wait for a LONG weekend visit!

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