Thursday, October 22, 2009


just wanted to give a few random updates.  =)

first of all... we finally got austin's room put together.  for the most part, at least.  i LOVE the bedding.
i also got semi-organized with the changing table.

this canvas was given to us at a baby shower.  i still have to hang one canvas (aka hospital door badge), and i've heard through the grapevine that a friend of mine painted peanut a canvas.  can you tell... we LOVE a canvas!!

austin has been a little upset the last couple of days for 2 reasons...
1. she has been getting baby acne.  some days i think it's getting better, then i notice more!
2. she has had cradle cap really bad the past 2 days.  it's getting better... slowly but surely.

we ordered peanut her play gym/mat.  i think maybe i like it way more than she does at the moment.  =)

she tolerates it for a little bit.

but i think she'd rather just take a nap.

sydney is doing good.  she is being a great big sister, and like the rest of us, is trying to adjust to interrupted sleep.  sometimes when austin cries during the night, syd will make a low and weak growl.  i'm pretty she's saying, "could you please just let us all sleep!?!?"

she loves being in peanut's room.  her favorite place is under the crib.

she's not lacking any attention.  especially at gammy's house!
austin had a 5 hour stretch last night.  she is a great sleeper, but it's still mostly during the day.  people keep advising me to keep her awake more during the day, but it's impossible.  seriously.  we've tried.  everything.  so any more advice on getting the days and nights straight would be appreciated.  maybe we're making progress.  we'll see how tonight goes!

we have a weekend jam-packed with things to do.  not sure we will even make all of them!  hope everyone has a great weekend, too!!!!

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