Thursday, October 29, 2009

thankful thursday

today i'm thankful for my little love bug.

i discovered selah's song this week, "i will carry you - audrey's song," and it got me thinking how blessed we are that we had a pregnancy and delivery with no problems.  i hope that i never take that for granted.  and now that she's here with us... she is healthy.

then... i've been following mckmama's blog for a while now, and her baby, stellan, hasn't been doing so good.  he is in and out of svt, struggling with his medication, breathing, etc.  she tweeted earlier that they were thinking about a blood transfusion.  he is one sick little boy, and today is his one year birthday.  if you have time, read their story, and be praying for stellan and his family!

so back to my peanut.  i guess worrying comes with the territory.  i do worry about her a lot.  sometimes over little things that happen, and sometimes over big things that could happen.  but after hearing and thinking about these stories the past few days, i've just simply been thankful for her and everything about her.

p.s. austin is 6 weeks today!


Samantha said...

aw she is so beautiful! Congratulations! I love that song as well, we are truly blessed aren't we?!

Laura said...

She is so sweet! Healthy babies are such a blessing, it breaks my heart knowing that their are kids out there suffering!