Thursday, October 8, 2009

rain, aliyah, and play time

we haven't been doing a whole lot lately.  just hoping that the rain will stop long enough for ben to harvest soybeans. austin and i have gotten out a couple of times.  we are sick of being stuck at home, but better safe than sorry!  tuesday we went riding with ben to do errands and eat dinner, and yesterday we all went to lunch.  ben also got some of his stitches out tuesday.  (the ones in his hand.)  his finger was cut the worst.  it still looked bad and he said that it still hurt really bad, so they left those in for another week.

i should've posted this earlier, but many congrats to one of my good friends, allison, and her husband on the birth of their baby girl!  (all, i robbed this pic from facebook!)  =)  welcome, aliyah nicole!  she is toooooo cute!
it was so fun to have a friend pregnant at the same time so we could check up with each other and talk about baby, baby, and more baby.  =)  aliyah came on october 1st, so she and austin were born exactly 2 weeks apart!  we love and miss you guys!  hope to see you soon!!!!

we have discovered a new use for the boppy pillow.  austin thought i was a crazy woman today shaking rattles and trying to play with her.  sydney at least had fun.  =)
as you can see, she is getting more and more head control.  so sad... =(  i don't want her to grow up!  ben and i got sad last night thinking that she is almost out of some of her newborn clothes and on to 0-3 months.  my baby is 3 weeks old today.

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The Lindley Family said...

She is so cute! Mom was telling me all about her and that she saw y'all. We found many uses for the boppy - it is a universal object for sure!