Friday, October 30, 2009

harvest festival

mom and i took peanut to her first harvest festival last sunday night.  it was an event with the church that we used to attend (FUMC).  it was so fun to get to talk to some friends that we haven't seen in a while. of course, we love playing bingo, too!  i won a set of pampered chef soup and more cups.  i had 2, and always wanted to get 2 more, but never got around to it.  they are great for desserts!

austin's sleep habits are getting better and better.  let me give a little update on that...

last night i fed her, made sure she had a clean diaper, gave her her paci, and laid her down and she went to sleep on her own.  well... she went to sleep on her own after a few pats on the booty, rubs on the back, putting her paci back in when she spit it out, and keeping the vibrator on in her pack-n-play.  but hey, that's progress.  =)  it lasted for a while, until she started crying out so i finally picked her up, and she went to sleep nursing... for a while.  finally her daddy got her to sleep in no time flat, laid her down, and she was out till 3am.  this all happened around 12-1am.

her midnight feeding is always the worst getting her back to sleep.  at 3am, i pick her up, change her diaper, feed her (and she usually falls right asleep nursing), and lay her back down.  same goes for around 6am.

slowly but surely.

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