Wednesday, October 14, 2009


austin with my dad

with my stepmom

we're not sure what they will be called yet... maybe grandma & grandpa?

or maybe she will come up with a cool name on her own.  =)




with great grandma & great grandpa good (ben's grandparents)

we have been laughing lately at steve (ben's dad) because he is so in love with austin.  he comes in and makes a bee-line for her.  if she's asleep he just watches her.  he worries about everything... her reflexes, her breathing, her eating... everything, i'm telling you!  =)  so i thought i would do a post for the grandparents!  she still has 1 set of great grandparents that she hasn't met, and 1 great-great grandma.  (and oh how i wish she could meet her granny margaret!)  she is a blessed little girl.  thank y'all for all you have done for us!  we love you!

now for a walk down grandparent memory lane...  (these are all the pictures i have on the computer at the moment!)
 my mom as a baby with her grandma (and her aunt is in the background)
Aunt Mamie, Mamaw Ree & Me
and again at mamaw's 90th birthday
Mamaw's 90th birthday
mom with her grandpa
Papaw Cloyd (Dad's Daddy) & Me
me with my great-great grandmother... granny mamaw
Granny Mamaw & Ashia
me with my granny (margaret) at her 48th birthday


Grace said...

Love your new layout. I can't believe after all these days your blog made me cry. I miss your Granny Margaret so much and girl if she were alive we'd all have problems!!! She would spoil Austin rotten & you think Steve is bad!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Gracie. This made me cry. So many memories. Just the way I remember all of you, seems like yesterday, and yes, I too wish Margaret was here to spoil that precious great granddaughter.