Sunday, October 25, 2009

baby shower #2

i never blogged about this shower, since i went to the hospital a couple of days later.  i need to document how big and crazy i looked sitting there with my feet propped up opening gifts and eating cake!  =)
the theme was ducks... it was absolutely PRECIOUS!
"austin rivers" on the soaps
table centerpieces - those little pacifiers were handmade using candies

MSU outfit!  i can't wait for her to wear this!

ben came along in case something happened.  i was somewhere between 3-4 cm, and was so nervous that my water was gonna break!  poor thing, he felt so outta place.
one of peanut's security blankets.  i love those things.

big belly!
freaking out over the socks that go with...
...this outfit!  it's monogrammed "austin."
CUTE pants to a CUTE outfit!
one of our favorite blankets!
this is the outfit that she came home from the hospital in.  i was telling the lady that gave it that i almost bought it the week before.
halloween onesie.  (she'll be wearing this tonight!)
big, fat, swollen, miserable, and SOOOOO excited that she'll be here soon!!  =)
daddy even got to open a gift!  (the pack-n-play!)

thank you guys for everything!!
we were so blessed and thankful for all of the gifts.
we love you all!!

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