Thursday, October 1, 2009

2 weeks old!

austin, you are 2 weeks old! here are some things that i have learned about you...

1. you like having your hair washed, but hate being wiped up or bathed in the tub
2. most of the time, you scream when having your diaper changed, even though you can't stand for it to be dirty.
3. all of a sudden, you decided one day that you would breastfeed and give your momma a break. life has been much easier!
4. you hate sleeping in the cradle beside our bed. you will sleep a little better in your play-yard, but you sleep best in your bouncy seat.
5. you like to be rocked and sang to.
6. you like to sleep laying on, or right beside your momma.
7. you love being snuggled in your car seat and going for a ride. you only fuss when it's time to eat. (who can blame you!?)
8. we had your pictures taken and you did great! i gave you a bottle and you slept the whole time... then you wet all over your momma!
9. sydney kinda gets on your nerves. especially when she is messing with your legs while you are trying to eat. you get an annoyed look on your face and it's so cute!
10. you smile all of the time, especially when i rub on your face, but i still don't think that you know what you're doing yet.
11. you like the annoying music that plays in your play-yard.  sometimes you will just lay there awake and listen to it play.
12. you never cry when your daddy changes your diaper. what's that about?
13. your hair still sticks straight up and out. we LOVE it.
14. you are most awake and alert around 3am. we gotta work on changing that.
15. you have rolled a few times from your back to your side, and then later to your back again.
16. people are starting to say that you look like your daddy.  when you were born, everyone said that you looked like me.  oh well... that's how i figured it would go.  =)
17. you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and your mommy and daddy love you to pieces!!


Amy said...

awwww...austin is getting so big already! i need to come see her. she's absolutely adorable! =)

Unknown said...

babes........LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for ya'll. I will be home for Halloween and I BETTER get to see her!