Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what a day!

we had plans for our friends, sarah and lane, to come over right after lunch today.  i had myself showered and dressed, and austin bathed, dressed, and fed.  ben called around 12:30 or 12:45, and the minute he said my name i could tell that something was wrong.  his voice sounded really weak.  he finally got the words out that he had cut his hand really bad and that i needed to meet him at the er.  thank goodness we were dressed and ready to go!  i put austin in her carseat and out the door we went.  he was working on the combine and cut the inside of his left hand and down his pinky finger.  he got a lot of stitches.  the dr. didn't tell him how many exactly, but he said if he had to guess he would say 15-20.

i had my first follow up appointment to check on my blood pressure at 3:15, so after i made sure he would be ok, and arranged for someone to drive him home, i took off.  my blood pressure since being home has been extremely low, so after asking my cousin that's a nurse, we decided for me to stop taking the medicine.  i think it was a good move.  anyway, i just knew that after being with ben in the er, my blood pressure would be sky high, and i would get into trouble for not taking my medicine, but it was normal!  dr. betcher said that we did right in not taking the pills anymore.  and he agreed that it was probably being in the hospital that kept my bp high in the first place.  so, we got a good report.  he was very encouraging about everything taking time to get used to, being overwhelmed, finding a routine, etc.  we didn't get a picture of dr. betcher and austin in the hospital so he held her and talked to her for a while so that i could get a picture.  =)  he is great!  my next appointment is in 4 weeks.
p.s. austin does SO good riding in the car.  she sleeps the entire time, and only gets fussy when she's hungry!

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