Monday, September 14, 2009

hospital visit #1

thursday night, i started noticing that i was bleeding.  after it continued, i called my doctor and he said that from what i was describing, it was ok, but if it continued to let them know.  so friday, mom and i were leaving around 3 to head to jackson for baby shower #2.  i was still bleeding friday morning, so i decided to call and go in and get checked out before we got on the road.  ben went with me, since it's been slow on the farm due to rain.  well, when they checked me i was dilated 3 cm!  i was put on monitors for 30 minutes, then sent up to labor and delivery.  the plan was to try to stop contractions, but he told them to only give me up to 3 shots, and if it didn't stop her, let her come.  first, they gave me stadol and phenergan to make me sleep, and thought that would slow things down.  i was up in a couple of hours and still contracting, so they started the shots.  i did have to end up getting all 3, and the 3rd must have been the charm because they finally slowed way down... enough for them to send us home.  we got home saturday after lunch.
i've been put on bed rest until she comes.  the doctor said that if we could postpone her a week, he would be happy, but if she came before, everything would be ok.  this was also all with another doctor in the group, since mine was on vacation last week.  but he was great, and we would have been totally fine if he was to deliver us.  i'm still having contractions... nothing regular enough to call or go back to the hospital.  i was able to talk mom and ben into letting me attend shower #3 yesterday afternoon in town.  it was so good to get dressed and get out.  i got A LOT of great stuff.  i will do a post on that later.  all of the pictures are on my desktop, and i'm having to use the laptop.  thanks to everyone for hosting and making the shower possible.  so right now my days consist of laying down and timing contractions.  =)  by the way, shower #2 in jackson was postponed until later.  austin will get to go to her party whenever we reschedule it to be!  =)  i will do another update later.  keep us in your prayers!


Connie said...

oh my!! so glad everything is okay. it is exciting to think she is so close to being here!

The Sasser Crew said...

OMG! Where are you delivering? Matt and I were talking about how we are going to have to get a sitter so we can come meet Austin. Take care of yourself!! Can't wait to meet baby Good!!!

Allison Guerra said...

awwwwww BABES! i've been praying for you! love you! xo