Wednesday, August 5, 2009

to my little ballerina (hopefully),

hey baby girl. let me just go ahead and tell you that your momma wants you to be a ballerina SOOOO bad. =) i will try VERY hard not to push you, and if you tell me 500 times that you hate ballet, i will eventually let you quit. but gosh, i hope that you love it.

we found out today that you're gonna have a BOY cousin. you will probably be around 3 months apart. that will make holidays fun for you! (and busy for us, i suppose.)

i made an appointment for a special ultrasound appointment so that we can hopefully see a little glimpse of what you are going to look like! i can't wait!! it's about 2 1/2 weeks away, so i have a little time to wait, too. you have been kicking and moving a lot. apparently you have strong legs, because you have bruised one of my left ribs. that makes it a little harder for me to move around, but it's not a horrible pain. unless i get on a coughing spree... then i think i may cry. this morning it felt like you were kicking with your feet on either side of my belly, like you may be in the head down position. i have the hardest time trying to figure you out... which way you're laying, if your foot or hand is poking me, etc. the only thing i'm good at is knowing if you have the hiccups. some people say that i look like i'm having twins. and almost everyone says that there's no way we'll make it to october. i wanted you to be born on october 8th so bad, but the longer we are together in this pregnancy, the more i just wanna tell you that as soon as your little heart desires, you feel free to come on out. =)

anyway, your room is starting to look pretty cute. your daddy has done a lot to help! we still have some things to hang on the walls, but it's slowly and surely coming along. your daddy ordered your car seat and stroller just in case you decide to come early, we have everything that you will have to have. your little friend, lane, let you borrow all of her baby clothes, so you have a pretty good selection now. we just have to convince your daddy how important accessories are. =)

i love you lots, peanut.


The Lindley Family said...

You are do not look like you are having twins! You just don't have as much room as some of us taller people. Oct 8th is a great day...that is Maggie's birthday, but why the 8th for you?

Grace said...

Ash, your post hit close to home and made me tear up. It was sooo sweet!!! Austin is going to be a blessed little girl with you and Ben as parents! I love you girl!