Wednesday, August 19, 2009

craving sweets!

i have always had a sweet tooth and liked to have something sweet after dinner. but now, it's like i HHAAVVEEEE GOT to have something sweet around at all times. this was at mom's house a few nights ago, right after dinner. i had decided that i was making some red velvet cupcakes. =)
ugly but GOOD
my doctor's appointment went good yesterday. they were a little concerned about me going to jackson this weekend, but told me that i could go. (i didn't tell them that i have to go back in 3 weeks for another shower!) =) everything checked out fine for me to travel. i saw dr. otey this time and he was great. super nice. he kept telling me how great i looked... not swollen, good weight gain (HA!), good belly size, etc. austin's heartbeat was good. his nurse and i were talking and i wasn't paying attention to how many beats per minute, but oh well. i asked him if maybe he thought i would deliver ahead of my due date, and i guess i was just wishful thinking. he said that i looked right on target for my due date. that was my last time to go every 3 weeks. my next appointment is in 2 weeks with dr. chaney. seems so close, yet so far!! =)

austin has gotten a few happies from us lately...

i've always been excited to start a dr. seuss collection, so this is the beginning of it. she also got 2 christmas ornaments. i've been resisting the other temptations until after showers. speaking of which my first one is this saturday and i am SOOOOO excited! it's at my dad and stepmom's house and will be given by her and her family. i will have someone taking pictures. maybe i won't look like a moo cow. =)

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The Lindley Family said...

We have good doctors here in Jackson if little Austin decided to come early when you are here in 3 weeks!!! My doctor even let me travel to Macon up until 35 weeks and with Maggie I snuck up for a shower a week & a half before my scheduled induction! Enjoy the next couple of months because once she is here your lives will never be the same!