Wednesday, August 26, 2009

austin's room update

excuse my bed not being made, but even if i make it, sydney usually un-makes it. this is where she can be found all morning and afternoon
austin's cradle is already made and beside our bed. yes, the cradle bedding is blue. =) we're using my little cousin, sam's, stuff. he hated this cradle so maybe austin will like it. the pink blankets are in the washing machine now, so we will add a girly touch soon.
the letters that her mommy and daddy worked so hard for
not sure how i feel about the shelves being pink. maybe one day i can get ben to repaint them... =(

sydney got caught stealing a sock from the dirty clothes pile. and yes, that entire pile is pink stuff. ha! i promise there are other piles that aren't pink.
this is the first picture that ben and i took together. we had met and been talking for a little over a month. it's so weird how different we look!

and this will be the bedding

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The Lindley Family said...

Awesome! I love the room and love the bedding! Blue is my favorite color and it looks good a girl too! I completely understand working hard for those letters - when I was looking I didn't realize how expensive they were going to be, but I finally found some cheap ones at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off so Maggie got those!!! Poor second child!