Monday, August 31, 2009

1 more baby thing done

the bouncy seat is put together and working.  the vibrator switch doesn't shut off like i think it should, but after 2 clicks it shuts off.  oh well.  and the music... annoying as can be, but i guess i should get used to it.  =)  how comfy and snuggly does this thing look!?
ben made a prediction last night that austin will be here in about 3 weeks.  HA... we'll see.  i think i already mentioned that she is head-down, but she has really started dropping lately.  it's even pretty obvious just looking at me.  doctors appointment is on wednesday, so we'll see what they say!  i have 2 more showers in 2 weeks, so hopefully nothing interferes with them!  i'm SO looking forward to that weekend!  we have absolutely no labor day plans for this weekend.  if everything is going right, ben will probably work.  maybe i'll have a movie day with sydney.  =)

a shout out and congratulations to brad & lindley on the birth of their baby boy!!!  i can't wait to see pictures of him!

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