Friday, July 10, 2009

what's austin up to?

mom and i ended up not going to get the crib until yesterday. we had a full day since we also stopped by walmart and finished up the registry there. any of my friends know that i hate walmart, and would give anything to register at target instead, but figured it would be best since our closest target is 1 1/2 hours away. =( i'm also registering at babies"r"us, and hope to make a trip this weekend to finish that up. anyway, here is miss priss's bed...
i'm VERY happy with it. if anyone is wondering, no, we're not painting or anything like that. we were hoping to be out of this house by now, but since we're not i decided not to put a whole lot of money into her room, and when we move (hopefully sooner than never!) i will put money into her room and have it really cute. by then she will be able to enjoy it.

i've been wanting one of these prenatal heartbeat listener things for a while, and finally bought one yesterday. good thing i waited, because apparently you only can hear everything really good in the 3rd trimester (which by the way is in 2 weeks!). anyway, this is my new favorite thing. you can hear her moving around, hicupping, kicking or punching my belly, her heartbeat, etc. i still haven't been able to recogize her heartbeat clearly. the book says that it takes practice to be able to distinguish the different sounds. but it is SO fun listening to her.
i better run. ben is here to help me do some more work in her room! happy friday!!! =)


Anonymous said...

I wanted one of those things when I was pregnant. I would have worried myself to death and listened to her heartbeat all day. That sound makes you feel so much better.

mommyrg said...

my2girls0508Love the bed!!