Tuesday, July 28, 2009

one for one

check out what was on my back porch when i got home yesterday...
i have been wanting a pair of TOMS for the longest time. the local stores that have them don't order them in my size, so i knew that i would have to order directly from their website, and when i would finally decide on a pattern, they would be sold out. so last week, i found that they had added a few patterns, and i picked this one. it was my favorite right off, but ironically it's also called "austen." just looking at them, they remind me of jane austen. maybe that's where they got the name from. my husband says that they are hidious looking, but i like funky shoes. =) i just looked on their website and they were sold out of every size in this pattern except 10 and 11, so other people must like them too, ben. =)

for anyone that doesn't know... TOMS slogan is "one for one." for every pair of shoes that you purchase from them, they give one pair away to a child in need. i know they're active in argentina and ethiopia, and i'm not sure where else. visit their website for more information and to order your pair!
if you order in the next couple of days, enter in the code ShareTOMS, and you will receive $5.00 off of your order.

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