Friday, July 31, 2009

memphis - part 3

saturday was zoo day! i was a little nervous about all of the walking after my experience at graceland, but on the way we ate a big lunch at panera bread (which was FABULOUS), so i felt great all afternoon. here are a few of the pictures. some are edited, some are not. excuse the laziness once again. =)

this dude was supposed to only get 1 piece, but he took 2 and ran. it was hilarious, and a little sad because there was one that didn't get any. =(

i wish this was the real china!

my favorite animal in the whole world... PANDAS!!

after the zoo, we rested at the hotel for a little bit, then headed out to beale street. we ate at the blues city cafe... very good!!
this was early in the night. by around 9 or 10, you could barely walk for all of the people! (funny story... the security was checking everyone's id's, purses, and going over them with medal detectors. they got to me and said ma'am, just go on through. i guess i looked big fat and harmless. =) ben, however, must not have looked harmless.)
we tried to avoid so much cigarette smoke, so we ended up skipping out on the band at bb king's place (sad, i know) and hung out at a starbucks for a while.
this was maybe 1 out of 10 trips to starbucks over the weekend. =) don't worry, i had decaf.

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Allison Guerra said...

aw, looks like you guys had such a fun time! we want to try to go away before aliyah gets here too... hopefully one of these weekends works out to go some place :) loved all the pics...and SO FUN you got to see ames!!!! :):)