Thursday, July 30, 2009

memphis - part 2

friday was graceland day. by the time we got up, ate breakfast (ben ran out and got us sausage biscuits), got dressed, and got to graceland, it was 11am. the next tour wasn't leaving until 12pm. we bought our tickets, and while we waited we...
checked out elvis's plane, the lisa marie
ate junkfood
and more junkfood
pink cotton candy... there's nothing better!

(i edited this photo, but was too lazy to go back and edit all of them!)
then we finally got to graceland
when we got to graceland, as soon as i stepped off of the bus, i felt like i was gonna pass out. (i know, all of the junkfood and sugar overload didn't help!) so i sat on the sidewalk until it was our time to go in, and once i got inside, i knew i had to get out! i could just see myself throwing up inside of graceland. what a nightmare. so i asked if i could go outside and wait for the group, and this really nice lady led me around back to a bench with a big fan blowing on me. from what i was describing she said that she could swear that i was having the braxton hicks. it wasn't necessarily a painful feeling, but VERY uncomfortable. i felt like austin was right at my throat and i couldn't breathe, but at the same time she was feeling SO heavy on my stomach. so anyway... good thing i had been to graceland before, because poor ben had to do the whole tour of the grounds without me. i did last long enough to get a picture... =)
when we got back across the street, we went to the...
ben's favorite
and my favorite
after that, we went back to the hotel so that i could "rest," which ended up being a long nap. we met my friend amy and her husband mike for dinner that night.

a baby picture

wow, i looked huge looking back at those pictures! =)


Grace said...

You're not huge, it's baby Austin that is big. Don't worry the shape will come back, well if you work at it, and it is sooo worth it. You look cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the floral dress. I have always wanted to go to Graceland...maybe one day!