Wednesday, July 29, 2009

memphis - part 1

i'm a food network freak. if i'm not cleaning my house and listening to hillsong, then i'm watching the food network (if i'm at home). even if i have seen the same recipes 10 times. when we were in memphis in march, we wanted to eat at the neely's bbq restaurant, but didn't get the chance. so as soon as we got into memphis, and got settled in the hotel, we mapped out our way to visit the neely's. i prayed the whole time that gina would walk in, but she didn't. we had a great experience there. everyone was over the top polite and friendly, and it was obvious that most of us in there were "tourist" that went just because of their show. the bbq was really good, too. i have to admit, it wasn't like "slap yo momma" good, but we really enjoyed it. =)

pat & gina neely

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