Sunday, July 5, 2009

busy week!!

as i said before, rivers came home with us last weekend. we mostly did this...
(bet y'all didn't know that cows could float!) =)

we had a little photo shoot one day, too. which was fun for her, and great practice for me. you can view the photos on my photoblog. later in the week, we had another round with her mom and brother, so those are on there too. (not all of them, just some favorites.)

i asked her if she would like to paint a picture for austin's room, and of course i got a YYYEEESSSSS!!! she did everything herself, except i squeezed and mixed paint, and held the canvas a few times for her to do the sides.

my friend sarah asked me to keep her little girl thursday, and we had so much fun with her. thankfully, rivers's mom, michelle, was here to help me by then. lane was a sweetheart.

i had to throw in that picture of gage "diving..." it cracks me up.

other than that, rivers and i rode around on the farm with ben, made a chocolate on chocolate cake, she helped me cook supper every night, we went to the grocery store, and probably some more stuff that i'm forgetting. i had a great time with her!! my house will be so quiet this coming week!

michelle and the kids left yesterday right after lunch, so then ben and i went to a cookout at his cousin's place for the 4th. we had a great time swimming, eating, and visiting, but i was bad and didn't really take any pictures.

i will show you a belly picture taken last night...
25 weeks & 2 days
i suppose austin is doing good. we have a check up tomorrow morning so i will post what we find out. i'm sure nothing except a whole lot of weight gain! =)

sydney had fun with her company, but she was glad to see them leave. she got up on the couch yesterday afternoon and slept, and slept, and slept.
now i'm battling the beginning symptoms of a sinus infection, so i'm not feeling too good. this may be a LAZY week for me. hope everyone had a great 4th! i'm looking forward to reading about it! =)

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