Tuesday, July 21, 2009

burned belly

so last night i was making dinner (pasta/chicken salad) and had a little scare. i had sent ben to mom's house because my dressing needed lime juice, and i had zero limes in the house. while he was gone, i was finishing up getting everything together, so that it would be basically done when he got home. i was pouring the pasta into the bowl to drain, in the sink, and the bowl slid and splashed the hot water on my belly! the worst part was that i had the hot pot in my hands and no extra hand to pull my shirt up, so the hot water had to "sit" on there for a few more seconds than i wanted before i could get it off. resulting in this...
i've been burned (or better worded "burned myself") many times before, usually getting things in and out of the oven. i always use the hot pads instead of the mitts, and burn my arms. but i can't ever remember being burned that resulted in blisters. =( i ran to the bathroom and sprayed dermoplast spray on it (gross, i hate that stuff) and just about that time ben came in and wanted me to go to the doctor. i mean seriously. it was probably 7 pm by this time and i was not going to the er for some cream that would end up costing $500. so i called my cousin (aka nurse chelle) and she said that austin was fine, and since of course the main concern was infection, to keep some kind of aloe or antibiotic cream on it, and to try my best not to pop the blisters. apparently the fluid inside the blister helps in the healing process. who knew? so everyone and everything is fine. just a sore belly.

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The Sasser Crew said...

Sounds YUMMY! I thought for sure you'd been to the beach and gotten Austin sunburned! Isn't it crazy how you have to constantly adjust to your growing body!! She will so be worth it, but you know that!