Monday, July 27, 2009

austin's new stuff

here are the onesie's that i had monogrammed...
i thought that they turned out so cute!

this past weekend, ben and i went on a little trip to get away. we ended up going to memphis for 3 nights, and had a great time. (that's a story all in itself, and i'm still working on the pictures to post!) but when we got home, we had a package from some friends of ours that had sent peanut some goodies! it's a security blanket, paci clip, and diaper cover up.
and of course while we were in memphis, i had to get her this. i'm not an elvis freak, but i do really like him/his music. i think it's a part of being southern. =)
she also got 3 more ralph lauren (my favorite) outfits today. belk is having a clearance sale and they were all 50% off.

i had a doctor's appointment today. dr. wood guesstimated her to be at 3 lbs, and he could tell that she is very active. she must have been showing out today, because usually i don't feel her so much during the day... it's more at night. but he said that she must be happy in there. =) we could hear her moving all around while trying to get the heartbeat. he was very encouraging about me being worried about having a big baby. he assured me several times that they wouldn't let her get too big for me to deliver, or at least try to deliver.

quote of the day...
"WOA, you look like you're about to POP!" -check out man at walgreens =)

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