Thursday, July 16, 2009

27 weeks and counting

as you can see from my previous post, we took a little road trip this past weekend. it was very quick, so i can't say that it was that much fun, but i got my registries all completed, and made some final decisions on bedding, car seats, strollers, etc. it's a little overwhelming now days to pick that stuff out!

i went and had the hypoglycemic and gestational diabetes test done tuesday. it wasn't bad at all. the drink was fruit punch flavored, and it was like drinking juice (no carbonation). then the nurse didn't fight me when i told her that she had to take the blood out of my hand (no one can EVER hit veins in my arms), and before i knew it, it was over. i told her that she was the best person that i've had so far to take my blood. after that was over, i took a few onesies to get monogrammed for little peanut. i can't wait to get them back. i'll post a picture of them when i do.

so then the nurse called yesterday morning and told me that my iron was really low and i needed to take iron supplements. no big deal, i guess, but i think that's why i've been SOOOOO tired lately. that and the summer heat.

austin must already be practicing her ballet moves, because i cannot even describe how much she's moving lately. last night it felt like she was completely stretching out. both of my sides were pushed out with her, like she was pushing with her hands and feet. she finally settled down so that i could go back to sleep. (and by the way, just for record-keeping sake, i'm up every 2 hours through the night.)

before i go, here's a recent picture of little sam man. my cousin took this picture, but i saved it and edited it in lightroom with help from rebecca's preset, dreamy.

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