Thursday, June 18, 2009

student life 2009

i'm still trying to get back into the swing of things since getting home from camp on tuesday. i think i finally have my laundry and cleaning some what caught up. at least it'll do for now. =)

student life was great this year! jeremy kingsley was the speaker, and he was amazing!! stephen miller and his band were our worship leaders. the theme was flip, and everyday the kids were challenged to "flip" something in their lives. (for example, flip disobedience into obedience.) i feel like i personally needed this trip... i was supposed to have left for china on tuesday with the team going to fushun, and i have been so ill about that lately. not really sad... just disappointed, i guess. so it was a good time of refreshing for ben and i, and gave us a list of things that we need to be working on individually, and in our marriage. (are we the only ones with lists like these?!?!) =)

i don't need to say a whole lot... you can just look at some pictures to tell that we had a blast!

unloading all of our junk
ben and his "twin" casey. they were mistaken all week.
uncle steve and his boys
mancala somehow became the thing to do late at night
me looking like a moo-cow
one of the first buckets of water that ben endured (see previous post!)
and here's ben after the MANY buckets of water that he endured =)
water games are always our favorite
dani getting her hair soaked for the game
anna in serious mode
ben and his family group
me and the chicas
some of these kids were from other groups, but most were on the "blue crew"
our group at the lookout mountain flight park
maybe now i can be motivated to keep up on my postings. =)


The Sasser Crew said...

If that is really Steven and Anna Lane, I am officially O-L-D! Thanks for sharing the pics. Still miss those days so much! And you look FABULOUS!!!!!

Julianna said...

i loved this! (:

you DO NOT LOOK LIKE A MOO-COW, how dare you!

my favorite of you is the last one, on the mountain. (:

I miss you!