Friday, June 5, 2009

missing in action

i know that i have been m.i.a. in blogger world this week. here's what we have been doing this week....
yep, that's right. been riding around with ben (a.k.a. daddy) on the farm a lot. on tuesday, julianna and i went shopping and i got a bunch of stuff for austin's room, and gymboree was having a big sale, so she got 2 outfits, and a chinese dress from a chinese store.  i also got this in the mail when i got home tuesday, and i have been in love with it... i can't wait for her to wear it. it's 3-6 months, so it will be a little while. it's the ribbed beanie (better known as "the harper hat") from hooked on you. veronica was a sweetheart to do business with and i'm sure i will be ordering more things in the future. y'all check her out!
i have to give a big shout out to by hubby, BEN, and my mom, GRACE...
y'all are both 2 very loved people by me (and syd)! and maybe austin will love you as much as sydney does. =) looking forward to supper tonight and a great weekend with y'all.

hope everyone has a great weekend! i'm turning into mrs. crafty all of a sudden, so i will have to post later about what i've been working on. off to project #2! =)

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