Monday, June 29, 2009

esther & sam

well, i've gotten out of the habbit of blogging lately. partly because i'm not working on my laptop in front of the t.v. anymore, i actually have to go in the other room and be separated from the action going on in the living room (if there is any). the other part is because if i'm not cleaning, washing dishes, or doing laundry, i'm probably doing my homework for the study of esther! i have SOOOO enjoyed doing this study. it is truly amazing, and we're just on week 4!
thursday, ben and i went out of town to work a farm bureau golf tournament. of course it was 100 degrees outside. everyone was so sweet in not letting me doing anything at all. they were making me sit inside all day (i wasn't fighting too hard to go out! =)) so i left around 1pm and went baby shopping with my stepmom. i think i finally decided on crib bedding, and of course found a bazillion things that i wanted from the monogram stores. the only thing i bought was this...
i know, i know... if it's asian, i just can't help it but buy it! =) i think i will keep this out for austin and not put it away.

we spent the night with my aunt so that i could see my new baby cousin, samuel the next day. what a sweetheart!! i'm so in love, and also even more excited about austin coming! i hope she's a cuddly baby like sam is, and doesn't cry when i try to hold her all the time! here are a few pictures of us...

my sweet girl, rivers, decided that she was going home with us, and we have had a blast so far. i'll post what we've been doing and pictures later. for now, i'm going to put chocolate icing on the chocolate cake. =)

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