Tuesday, June 9, 2009

belly update

went to the doctor yesterday, and everything looked good and normal. i've gained 8 lbs. and even though i complained with my back hurting (more than usual), she said i checked out to be normal, and it was just because i'm built smaller. AND it will get a lot worse. woohoo. i don't know if i've posted this on the blog or not, but saturday, may 30th, was the first time that i felt austin kick really hard, and it was hard enough that ben could feel it from the outside several times. i don't feel her moving constantly, but several times throughout the day i will notice it. and she seems to kick more in the mornings. here are some pictures that we took at ben and mom's birthday supper at their house....

me & punks with our favorite... coffee (decaf) and oatmeal & toffee cookies
my belly at 21 weeks and 1 day
if only syd was always as sweet as she looks in this picture! =)
i have a lot to get done this week! ben and i are going with the youth to student life, and we're leaving on friday. this will be our 3rd time to go, and i'm SO glad that ben is going to be able to go this year. i always feel better when i'm away and he's there. i better run... we're off to have lunch.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the belly pics. You look so cute!

Allison Guerra said...

you're adorable babes! love you!

mommyrg said...

You look so cute!!!