Saturday, June 20, 2009

austin update

baby update... i can feel her moving A LOT! heartburn has moved in, and i'm praying that it just moves on back out! i'm in my 23rd week, and according to babycenter, she is 11 inches long! no wonder i can feel her all of the time. i still have a good bit of energy, even though some of the walking at camp i thought would be the end of me. my belly is getting bigger and bigger. ben was amazed at how much it grew in the week that we were separated at camp. i feel like a wimp, but getting up and down is getting harder and harder, thanks to pain in my sides every now and then. as well as everyday things like shaving my legs or bending down to pick something up. i visited gymboree (again!) in birmingham, and got some more stuff while they're having their semi annual sale. we got 3 outfits, a blanket, and my favorite thing is a maroon tutu!! all for $24!

update on her closet... i have a good feeling that i won't be hanging up most of these outfits all of the time, but for now i have nothing else to do, and it looks cuter. =)


Kendall said...

Heartburn??? You know what that means.. She's going to have hair when she gets here!! Its ok to go to Gymboree all the time.. I did that before Caroline was born, starting at like 6 months. Haha. & Still do is the bad thing about it.

Julianna said...

High five on the Gymboree stuff! Yay! (: & I LOVE the tutu, that is so presh!!