Monday, May 18, 2009

outside stuff

my first calla lily bloom this year. i just love these...
i've always been told that gerber daisies have to be replanted every year unless you cover them during the winter... not true for us. this orange one must love us because it comes back every year to visit.
my herb pot/planter that i have looked for for years! finally found one this year, a couple of months ago, and i'm loving it! we were dumb and planted cherry tomatoes on top, and looks like they're gonna be too big! we should have planted them somewhere else!
3 of my favorite "yard things," my herb pot, garden flag, and whiskey barrels. we have 3 whiskey barrels, and we want more! =)
mr. bulldog hanging out. when we move into a bigger house, i plan on getting a huge bulldog like this for the back yard.
poor mr. jesse james... he's often neglected because he's outside and ben thinks it's wrong to spoil dogs, so i'm not allowed to spoil jesse. he's our guard dog, and is SUPER protective, so he has to stay locked up during the day. everyone knows to call us first if they're coming over, or they will have an encounter with jesse james... and it will not be friendly.
my new big-mama storage building! this is what i've been doing the last week. packing up and storing everything!! everything that was in austin's room is packed and stored away, and most things that were in the guest room are too. and i still have A LOT more to do!

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Grace said...

I love the flowers and you too!