Friday, May 15, 2009

it's a....

GIRL!!! Meet our little sweetheart, Austin Rivers!
as of yesterday she was 7 oz. we got a ton of pictures of her and a video that i will try to post a clip of as soon as i figure out how. now for an updated belly picture....

5 weeks
9 weeks
15 weeks
18 weeks (i'll try to take another one where i don't look so horrible!)
and 1 of me and my 2 girls =)


Sar said...

CONGRATS on the awesome news. I mean, either way it's awesome news but YAYYYYYYYY for expecting Austin. What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl. I bet now you are trying to control yourself on the shopping??!! Glad those adorable little dress shoes won't need to be returned!

Melanie Sasser said...

I KNEW it!!!!!!!! Oh you are going to have so much fun and I cannot wait to see Ben Good melt when he sees her. My favorite thing about having a girl is watching Matt be powerless when she smiles at him!! Congrats! And, I love the name!!!

Williams Family said...

Congrats! Girls are so much fun. I like her name too.