Monday, May 25, 2009

desk refinishing

ben and his sisters had an old desk that we were gonna store away, but i had the bright idea of getting ben to refinish it, and us get a desktop computer and put on it. well, about that time, my hard drive on my macbook had completely filled up, no space for a single picture, and instead of updating the software, getting external hard drives, etc. we decided to follow through with the plan. so here is the desk getting it's face lift...

the imac box was empty in that picture, so don't go fussing at me for lifting a heavy item. =) next to be refinished will be that dresser that you see to the right of me. but it's amazing what just updating the hardware will do!

if anyone is interested in buying a used macbook, let me know! we got it summer `07, and it's in great shape. email me for more info.

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