Thursday, May 7, 2009

baby stuff!

check out the new stuff. =) the 1st picture is of the cutest little black/gray dress shoes that i found on clearance last night. if it's not a girl, i will pass them on, but they were too cute and too cheap to pass up. the 2nd, all i can say is "go dawgs!" =) ben and i have made the decision that the baby will most likely come home in all MSU stuff. probably not this outfit... if it's a girl, hopefully a dress or something. we'll see. and the 3rd... well, i don't think it really needs an explanation. =) i saw that onesie online at gymboree, and decided to wait and see if i could find it in the store on the sale rack. my little cousin was with me, and she actually found it for me, but i surprised ben with it when i got home.

6 MORE DAYS!!!!!!

i've been in the "simplify my life" mode. trying to quit being involved in everything, and focus on what's really important. i was told that this could be all hormonal, and maybe so, but my main decision was to quit selling mary kay. i've been thinking and praying about this decision for probably a year, and always decided to stay in it. this past weekend, i finally decided that i had had enough, and announced my decision to everyone on monday. i wondered for a little bit if i was making the right decision, but i can't put into words what relief i have felt. not to mention the tons of money that was just sitting back there on my shelf will now be in our [much needed] pocket. so that's one more thing out of my way. =)


The Banks Family said...

Ashia... its all so cute... when you find out what it is you need to go to Reed's if you are really wanting that baby in some MSU stuff when he/she comes home... they have so precious smocked outfits... or at least they did back during Football season... sorry to hear about the Mary kay but i completely understand.. let me know before you quit cutting hair cause I need a trim.... LOL

Allison Guerra said...

babes - the grey shoes are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm in love with them! i can't wait to go shopping!! :)

Grace said...

I can hardly wait to dress that little pumpkin up whether it's a gilr or boy!