Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sick momma

i have had horrible sinus and allergy problems for a week now. ben finally talked me into going to the doctor, so i went today and had a little check up. i saw another doctor in the group and he was so nice. (made me feel a little better about going on doctor rotation.) he checked me out really good, and said i had the start of a sinus infection. i have to take antibiotics for 10 days, nose spray for 30 days, and also continue taking claritin d. we also listened to the peanut's heartbeat, which was 156.

i have picked up a few baby outfits that i just had to have. =) i will post them soon... they're so cute. only 1 pink one. and 1 is a christmas outfit that i found on clearance today for like $3, so it can be for boy or girl. i'm trying my best to hold off another 2 weeks. today mom and i were shopping the 50% off ralph lauren rack, and i could've easily bought about 5 outfits. gotta run for now...

here's a quick picture to share... it needs edited but i don't have time right now. off to work.

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Grace said...

Really cute photo Ash. I hope you feel better today!